At American Dance Academy, all students receive personal placement into classes based upon age and general level of ability.  This is determined by progress in dance technique rather than grade level in school.  All class placements are tentative and subject  to change during September - our "placement month."  This allows  instructors adequate time to assess the student's abilities and potential to ensure that each child is enrolled in the class best suited for his/her needs.  
Parents may watch classes at the classroom window.  Occasionally the  instructor may close the blinds at the beginning of class to help dancers focus and concentrate without distraction.   At specific times the instructor will have parents come in to provide an audience for the dancers.  The dancers are always excited to show their parents their accomplishments.  Please note that parents and visitors must obtain  permission before entering a class or private lesson.
The Academy, faculty, and staff reserve the right to remove any student from class without recourse for failure to observe the rules of conduct.   We expect proper discipline and conduct at all times and will dismiss any student who does not adhere to this policy.  The Academy maintains  proper safeguards at all times, but makes no representations, either expressed or implied, regarding physical capabilities of any student.   The Academy is not responsible for injuries sustained on the premises or  while traveling to and from its facilities.  It is the parent's  responsibility to obtain appropriate accident, health/hospitalization or  other insurance for injury.  
In the event of inclement weather, the Academy follows the public school  closings for the studio area.  We will post a message on the website, social media and email parents regarding class cancellations.

The rules of the dance class are designed to promote a better dance experience for everyone.  By following and enforcing these rules, we will be able to keep our dance environment and dancers safe.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

1. Parents are not allowed into the classroom unless requested by the teacher.  The instructor is trained to encourage a shy child until  comfortable joining  in the class.  
With patience, it usually takes a lesson or two for your child to discover the joy of dance.  

2. Siblings should stay in the lobby at all times.  Please keep the noise to a minimum to avoid disrupting the class.  Please bring something for them to quietly play with while waiting, if necessary.

3. No food, pop, or gum chewing in the studio.  We would  like to avoid gum or spills on dance shoes, clothes, floors, or cubbies.  It is important to avoid damage to the studio dance floors as well as the dancer's shoes.
The following safety rules have been created to ensure the well being of our students during their dance instruction.    

1. Students must wear cover-up clothes when entering and leaving American Dance Academy.

2. Do not allow your children to wait outside unattended for parents to pick-up after classes.

3. Parents need to inform the office staff if a dancer is to be picked-up by someone other than the usual arrangement, or if more than 15 minutes late for pick-up.

4. Students need to call their parents and inform the office prior to  changing their plans, such as leaving with a friend to go home.

5. Make staff aware of anyone unfamiliar who enters the dance studio.   Students should inform the teacher and office immediately of anything  unusual happening.
Learn to dance.
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